Breakwater Neuro

Brain science for mental strength, calm, and clarity.

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems, we offer a range of innovative solutions based on emerging brain science, delivered by a compassionate team in a warm and welcoming environment.

Science-based options
for mental health

We are a premier community provider of science-based, brain-oriented assessment and treatment options for depression and other mental health problems that may not have fully responded to other approaches.

We understand that there are biological as well as psychological components to mental health. Based on this awareness, we provide cutting-edge, research-driven interventions that address themselves directly to the functioning of the brain.

Why we do what we do

Breakwater Neuro was born out of the Breakwater Institute, a centre for men and women who work in dangerous and high-stress environments, facing tough psychological challenges on the job day in and day out. Our work with them has kept us continually on the lookout for innovative, neuroscience-driven tools that increase resilience, calm, and mental clarity.

We’re convinced that many such tools are already research-proven and ready to go, and others are in the pipeline and will emerge soon. Breakwater Neuro’s mission is to make them available to people who would benefit from them most, broadening the range of effective options for mental health beyond the usual prescription medication and psychotherapy.

One thing our experience has taught us very clearly is that the mind and the brain are tied intimately together, and that sometimes for the mind to achieve balance it’s necessary for the brain to be able to find its way to a calm, regulated state. All of Breakwater Neuro’s tools share in common the goal of helping the brain do exactly that.