Join the Breakwater team

Breakwater Institute is a collaborative community in which the individual gifts and skills of each staff member are appreciated and put to use in the service of change for our clients. The atmosphere in our offices is characterized by warmth, camaraderie, and very often laughter, as we support one another in supporting our clients.

We integrate research, consultation, education, peer support training, group intervention, and synergistic psycho-biological treatment approaches into our activities.

Why work at Breakwater?

We have a great team, beautiful offices, and plenty of other inducements…but our clients are far and away the best reason to consider joining us.

They are remarkable people – intelligent, courageous, value-driven individuals who are determined to either preserve their mental wellness in the face of unavoidable operational stress, or regain peace of mind lost in the service of their community.

They make every day at Breakwater rewarding.

They’ll bring out the best in you.

What our associates have to say

“Breakwater is a very engaging and rewarding place to work. There is a surprisingly diverse range of clinical and other opportunities here and I’ve felt a lot of support in following my interests, growing as a clinician, and applying my unique skill set. As well, the population being served at Breakwater carries a lot of weight on their shoulders, and being able to help them navigate that weight differently, and even let some of it go, is very gratifying.”

“Trauma can be a life-changing experience for many clients. Seeing them reclaim control of their lives and start feeling joy, hope and pride again is the most rewarding part of doing this work.”

“Breakwater Institute is a fantastic atmosphere for clinicians and clients alike. Senior staff are generous, warm, and eager to support new clinicians in their training. Their passion for working with first responder and military populations is unparalleled. They are invested in finding meaningful training opportunities for clinicians and invite ideas for new initiatives in the clinic. The clinic itself is beautifully designed, taking into account the preferences and styles of individual practitioners. Working with the population is a privilege, as clients tend to be passionate, driven, and eager to make difficult changes in their lives. Their stories of courage and sacrifice in the line of duty add meaning and purpose to already incredibly meaningful work. As for breadth of clinical experience, clients present with a wide variety of concerns in addition to those that are trauma-related (such as mood, anxiety, or interpersonal issues). There are numerous opportunities to use other treatment modalities (including group treatment and peer support training), as well as gain experience with supervision.”

Apply now! 

Please send a cover letter and your CV to If you’d like more information about working at Breakwater, please feel free to email us at the same address.